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I have nothing to lose


Camilla (Carolina Crescentini) is a beautiful, hard-working woman with a great big problem: she’s a hypochondriac. This makes her unbearable to most people, even her sister Marta (Ilaria Genatiempo). When the hospital gets a new MRI machine, Camilla eagerly gets tested and to while away the time waiting for the results, she goes to the villa. Preparations are underway there for the wedding of Filippo (Marco Cassini), son of vulgar businessman Marzaduri (Dario Cassini). Mr. Curry, the wedding planner (Sergio Assisi), a friendly, affable guy, turns out to be heading an eco-terrorist gang that storms the villa. Meanwhile, Camilla gets a text message from the hospital: she’s dying. Has she really only got a few months to live? In shock, Camilla gets embroiled in a rescue plan cooked up by Ettore (Edoardo Pesce), Marzaduri’s bodyguard. Ettore was sacked by the Carabinieri after an unfortunate incident. Though they are total opposites, Camilla and Ettore fit together somehow: their respective stubbornness makes them feel connected… and attracted to each other. Camilla takes risks – and risks taking bullets – because she thinks she has nothing to lose and for the first time in many years, she feels something stirring within her…  Can she keep from ruining everything?