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The storm


Aldo Del Serio has vanished. He and his wife were on holiday in the tropics when a tsunami struck. His pottery business has no one at the helm now and the newly adopted Belarusian child Natoli is arriving at the airport soon. Someone has to replace Aldo and the only person available is his brother Paolo – an idling, overgrown child of 30 years. He has to play father and manager until Aldo turns up – and before Aldo’s business partners and the social workers figure out he’s not up to either task. Luckily, there’s Manuela, Paolo’s neighbour and an employee at the pottery business. She hates him because he’s a shameless seducer, but they manage to set aside their differences for the sake of the child and the business. The balance sheet says the business is in the red, though, and the only way to stay afloat is to lay off some of the staff – including Manuela. It’s time for Paolo to man up.