I giganti


The Italian regions are told through an original point of view: the green giants. The monumental trees of Italy, real witnesses of our history, people, artistic beauty, traditions. Italy and its many territorial realities revisited through the memory handed down over the centuries by these formidable spectators of the time. A journey through history, art, myths and legends that have been handed down from generation to generation. An unprecedented point of view that tell the story of our territories.

The format. A series of 21 episodes of 25′.

The key is the story. Simple but captivating. Curious and with a pressing rhythm. A successful protagonist among entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists or politicians, tells of his region, its many beauties, its people under the watchful presence of a precious, irreplaceable and not at all bulky outstanding witness: a majestic green giant.

Format: Mirco Da Lio & Ugo Barbara