The arrival of Wang


Gaia, a Chinese-speaking interpreter, is hired in Rome and taken to a secret underground room by an enigmatic man called Curti. Gaia’s job is to translate the words of an individual called Wang. It’s too dark, though, and Gaia feels uneasy, so she insists that the light be turned on. Much to her dismay, the mysterious Wang is a clumsy grey alien with tentacles. Curti wants to know why Wang has come to Earth and what the purpose of a strange object he has is. Wang says he has come in peace to encourage a cultural exchange among species. Curti doesn’t believe him but Gaia can sense he’s telling the truth, so she tries to get Curti and Wang to see eye to eye. Instead, Curti calls in a man to torture Wang using electrocution. Gaia manages to break free, triggers the evacuation alarm and frees Wang. Once she is outside, though, she discovers that Rome has been attacked and laid to waste by UFOs. The alien mocks her, calling her a fool. A fleet of spaceships is heading for Earth.

Wang’s Arrival was awarded at the Science Plus Fiction Festival in Trieste in November 2011 and selected at the 2012 Glasgow FrightFest. It was also nominated for the 2012 Golden Méliès Award. Palantir Digital Media was nominated for the 2012 David di Donatello Award for Best Visual Effects and won both won the 2012 Santa Marinella Film Festival as well as the 2012 Trani Film Festival for Best Visual Effects. The film also won the UK-Italy Creative Industries Award for Best Innovative Budget at the 68th Venice Film Festival.