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The love, the sun and the other stars


What happens when a wild card suddenly lands in the middle of a stable situation? Things get shaken up, in a big way. In our story, the big shake-up happens when Professor Russo (Anna Ferzetti) starts teaching sex education…
Thus, childhood friends Primo (Edoardo Pagliai) and Michela (Elisa Visari), tired of being considered children by their parents and their friends, drop a bombshell: they’ve decided to lose their virginity together! The news disrupts the already shaky lives of Primo’s parents: Corinne (Vanessa Incontrada), a bored housewife who escapes her dull routine by hanging out in internet chat rooms, and Pietro (Ricky Memphis), who timidly sticks to his daily grind.
Michela’s mother, Sabrina (Chiara Ricci), on the other hand, no longer trusts her husband Andrea (Marco Bonini), an incurable Casanova and eternal Peter Pan, so she throws him out of the house. Meanwhile, now that Primo and Michela have gotten the attention they wanted, they have to come to terms with new feelings and emotions which, like the planets in the solar system, both attract and repel.
Will they manage to stay friends and find a new balance in their new relationship?